Peugeot Motocycles History

1810: Birth of the PEUGEOT brand,
with Jean-Pierre & Jean-Frédéric Peugeot
launching a metal industry factory near Sochaux
(25, France)
1882: First Peugeot bicycles and tricycles
1898: Birth of the listed company Automobiles & Cycles Peugeot / First Peugeot Motocycles motorbike
1904: Launching at more than 123 km / h, the kilometer speed record on Dourdan racing track with his Peugeot V2 prototype.
1907: Victory at the1st Tourist Trophy edition (Isle of Man)
1905: 1st world motorbike with a V-45° twin engine
1914: Motorbike kilometer world record at 122,49 km/h
1918: Patriotic Peugeot: delivery of motorbikes to the French Army
1923: Victory at the prestigious GP of Nations
1928: The Peugeot’s come back in 250cc class
1930: The golden age of the motorbike
1931: First victory of Miss Foley on the Tour de France
1934: Antoine Peugeot and power
1945: Birth of the 100cc and 125cc mopeds
1953: Launch of the first Peugeot Scooter S55
1968: Launch of the « 100 » family moped
1974: Sales record for Peugeot 103 mopeds (550 000 units)
1982: Launch of SC/SX, a new generation scooter with plastic bodywork, in europe
1987: Cycles Peugeot becomes Peugeot Motocycles
1996: Launch of Scoot’Elec, the first electric scooter
2002: Launch of Elystar, the first scooter equipped with ABS braking system
2010: Peugeot Motocycles becomes Peugeot Scooters
The brand celebrate its 200 years old
2013: Launch of Peugeot Metropolis 400, the first 3 wheels scooter
2014: Launch of Django, the neo retro scooter with hyper-customisation
2018: Peugeot Scooters celebrate his 120 years anniversary
2019: Launch Peugeot Motocycles in Thailand

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